Make whitening trays at home

Some OTC kits come with a bendable mouthpiece. Our full-mouth professional laboratory-made bleaching trays are made with reservoirs. Very easy to use. If you have dental health problems: Individuals with periodontal disease, cavities, exposed roots, or worn enamel should also consult with …SportingSmiles custom whitening trays are hand made by a dental lab tech using an exact impression of your teeth. Before heading to the drug store for home teeth-whitening kits, go over this quick assessment: If you are allergic to peroxide: Most at-home teeth whitening kits include peroxide, so those with allergies should consult with a health professional before beginning teeth whitening. . Your dentist will make a mold of your teeth and use it to create customized trays. Over-the-counter systems work the same way. Home Teeth Whitening. At-home trays: If you get them from your dentist, she’ll make a mold of your teeth to create fitted trays. HappySmile EZ Form (Make At Home) Teeth Whitening Trays (EZ Form Gum Shield) Each order contains 3 mouth trays (1 upper, 1 lower arch and one extra) HappySmile EZ Form Dental Trays are the best "instant" trays you can purchase as they were developed for tooth whitening and are very popular. To maximize the bleaching process, reservoirs allow more bleaching gel to come in contact with the teeth. You will be sent a box that is complete with trays and paste to make your teeth molds, 9 whitening gel syringes, 9 desensitizing gel syringes and helpful, easy-to-follow instructions for every step of the way. But they can cause irritation and may not work as well. She’ll give you a strong bleaching gel to use at home. If you are prone to sensitivity or do not feel comfortable sitting with your mouth open for two hours during an in-office whitening treatment, your dentist may recommend take-home trays instead. Excellent results. Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening system with custom-fitted trays that give you the ability to professionally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home

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